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Commercial Aerial View!

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Aerial Drones

Explore the possible.

Video & Photography, Mapping,
3D & Aerial Views,
Roof Imaging & Inspections

Uniquely Highlight the Features.

Our Commercial Real Estate work highlights your property's features, amenities, and uniqueness with text and graphics that a regular ground level photo can never show.
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Custom Aerial

Ask us about your next project. We are open to creating a custom price structure for your unique assignment. These could include mini documentaries, promo videos, interviews, walk-through and much more.

Increase Your Value

No matter which way you choose to highlight your property, your aerial photographs and videos will create a higher perceived value of both the property and the realtor. Schedule today!

*Marketing research and statistics are from The Sky Eye Network - the Premier Network of Certified and Professional Drone Operators in the World.


Get Your first Aerial Photo Package ($399 value) for $99.00!
Includes 10 aerial photos and a $100 gift card.
(does not include video)


Steep Learning Curve
Despite appearing simple and easy, flying a drone while capturing cinamatic video and photos is more difficult than it may seem. Even though drone manufacturers have made it easier and safer to fly, they have added many complex functions and features that make it difficult for the novice to maximize the potential of a drone. A quick search on the internet will show many examples of people crashing their brand new drones causing property damage and/or harm to others bringing the possibility of lawsuits and other legal issues. After weighing the pros and cons, it is simply less expensive and a lot easier to hire Iris Aerial.

Without the proper training and experience in the safe operation of drones, it is possible to introduce some major liabilities to you or your business. Your existing insurance most likely does not cover accidents resulting from the use of a drone. Iris Aerial carries a large liability policy to protect everyone involved. Even experienced drone operators or hobbyists often encounter problems when flying drones professionally because they are not familiar with the hazards involved in the professional environment that require more skill.

Compliance with the Law
Since the industry is so new, the local and federal laws are constantly changing. The FAA requires a Part 107 certification to be able to fly commercially and most people are not willing to go through that process. Having a professional working closely in the industry will ensure compliance in all aspects of the law.

Anyone can purchase a point and shoot camera just like anyone can purchase a drone for personal use, but it takes a professional photographer who has all of the technical knowledge and post processing skills to achieve great results. Why waste your time and effort when you can hire the professionals and get professional results. Call us to get your free quote.

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